Jim completed an A Class Electrician apprenticeship with Hills Industries in South Australia and worked as a Maintenance Electrician for 6 years. Jim was also employed as a Fire Technician, installing and maintaining a variety of Fire Detection and Emergency Evacuation equipment in high rise commercial buildings and industrial premises.

From 1982 until 1998 Jim was a member of the South Australian Police Force. In 1988 he progressed from General Duties to being a member of the Police Technical Services Division where he received training from Senior Members of the Division and Members of other Government Departments and Laboratories in the collection and preservation of evidence so as to avoid contamination, and in interpreting of such evidence.

He successfully completed a full time Crime Scene Examiners course, received advanced training from the Police Fire Investigation Unit in structure and vehicle fires and successfully completed a Wildfire Investigation course.

In Mount Gambier, South Australia he was employed as a Retained Fire Fighter with the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service between 1999 and 2001. In his role as a Fire Fighter he received training from Fire Service Instructors in regards the science of fires and how they develop, fire suppression techniques and fire service operations. He attended numerous fires in progress and assisted in extinguishing those fires as a first responder.

From 1999 until 2010 he was employed as a Senior Assessor at a National Insurance Assessing company. As a Regional Manager/Senior Assessor he was involved in the day to day activities of three offices and incumbent staff who, along with Jim, were attending to all aspects of the management of various claims, including Domestic/Commercial Material Damage, Constructions risks including Contract Works, Liability, Marine Cargo – transit and liability, Marine Cargo/Hull – material damage and liability, Machinery Breakdown and Motor claims specializing in Heavy Motor Vehicle. Part of his daily duties included investigating the circumstances of fire claims to determine if further expert assistance was required to determine the cause, assessing the quantum of the claim and providing Insurers with detailed reports about such fire claims.

Jim has given evidence in various Australian Courts about evidence gathered during the course of his duties as a Police Crime Scene Examiner and the result of investigations/enquiries in his role as an Senior Assessor.

Since 1988 Jim has attended the scene of numerous fires and other catastrophic events in various roles; as a first responder of a Fire Service, as an Investigator preserving/collecting evidence and determining the cause of an event or fire and as an Insurance Professional assisting the Insurer to quantify the claim and attend to any Policy issues.

In 2013 Jim completed a Certificate in Fire Investigation through Charles Sturt University by distance education and is planning to continue studying to obtain a Diploma in Fire Investigation.

He regularly attends training Seminars and reads publications to maintain and enhance my current fire investigation skills. He has conducted test burns to study fire behaviour and principles.