Our Services

Fire & Explosion Forensic Investigations

Commercial and Industrial buildings – single & multi-storey

Domestic buildings – single & multi-storey

Light vehicles

Trucks and Heavy Equipment including mine machinery and plant

Bushfires / Wildfires

Pleasurecraft / Commercial Vessels

Commercial equipment

Domestic appliances

Our service range is comprehensive and covers all aspects including:

Expert knowledge of NFPA921 and 1033.

Interpretation of patterns of fire damage and consideration of other physical evidence.

Piece together varied aspects of physical evidence to uncover the seat or seats of a fire.

Assess whether security in use / appliance on or off at time of fire.

Analyse and secure any forensic evidence left behind by an offender or offenders

Secure storage to court standard of forensic evidence

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We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fully equipped to conduct all types of fire scene examinations

Police, Fire Brigade & Insurance industry background

Professional, prompt & reliable with over 30 years of experience